7 Cool Things You Didn’t Know About ClearCorrect Invisible Braces

7 Cool Things You Didn’t Know About ClearCorrect Invisible Braces

Elevation Dental is dedicated to giving our patients the smiles they have always wanted. Thanks to ClearCorrect invisible braces, it’s easy for our patients to get the smile without the metal. Here are seven reasons why the ClearCorrect system is something our patients love.

ClearCorrect Makes Teeth Straightening Easy

The clear trays that are made by the system ensure that getting the smile you want is easy. Wear the trays for roughly 22 hours each day, and after a couple of weeks, you switch to a different tray. There’s no adjusting needed as the trays are customized to meet your individual needs.

ClearCorrect is Comfortable

The best part about this invisible system is that you don’t have the aches and pains found with traditional braces. This system fits comfortably over teeth, and many times the people wearing the trays don’t even notice that they are wearing braces.

ClearCorrect is Barely Noticeable

Unlike traditional braces, where the appliances are easily seen when a person smiles, this system uses clear trays that fit snugly over the teeth. Unless you are looking directly at someone who is wearing the trays, it is often very difficult to notice that a person is wearing ClearCorrect.

ClearCorrect is BPA Free

A concern that many folks have is how the trays are manufactured. The good news is the BPA-free trays allow people to easily enjoy the freedom provided by the trays without feeling like they’ve compromised their health.

ClearCorrect is Environmentally Friendly

ClearCorrect trays are environmentally friendly. The trays are manufactured, packaged, and shipped using recyclable materials. Once the trays have been used, they can be thrown in with the recycling instead of the trash.

Clear Correct is Better for Oral Hygiene than Braces

The problem with braces is that they cover spots on the teeth, making it hard for the toothbrush to reach certain spots. The trays remove so that you can brush, floss, and do everything necessary to keep your teeth looking healthy and brilliant while they’re being straightened.

ClearCorrect Aligners are Made in America

When it comes to having the highest standards, it is reassuring to know that the aligners that will be in someone’s mouth for 22 hours per day are made in America. With some of the highest standards on manufacturing products like this, it is safe to wear ClearCorrect Aligners.