Cosmetic Dentistry Can Make You Feel Proud of Your Teeth

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Make You Feel Proud of Your Teeth

Are you concerned about the looks of your teeth and worry because you have chips or cracks on them? You may also feel that your teeth are either too long or too short or simply dislike the color of any of your teeth. If the concerns mentioned are genuine you may want to make changes to your smile and decide to visit the dentist near you for advice.

A beautiful smile can be an attractive feature of your face. It can help you to express health, youth, sincerity, and success while being a great asset in your business, personal and social relations. Therefore it’s important that you be happy with how your smile looks. Dentist 77584 will have different techniques to sculpt, shape, and make a smile appear more beautiful. He or she will be using cosmetic dentistry and with a few simple steps leave you with a smile you will be proud of. You may even take pride in the fact that you approached the dentist near you to act on your teeth to make you feel proud of them as well.

What Are the Popular Treatment Options Offered by Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry has advanced immensely and has several techniques to improve the appearance of your teeth and your smile. Some of the popular techniques offered by dentists are mentioned below for your reference.

Whitening Your Teeth

Your teeth may have become discolored because of many reasons. Having beverages like coffee, tea, red wine, smoking as well as aging can all discolor the teeth. The procedure for teeth whitening will make discolored teeth appear whiter. The bleaching agent used by dentists during in-office cleanings is stronger than the bleach in at-home whitening kits. You need to bear in mind that not everyone’s teeth can become brilliant white. Your dentist will recommend the whitening treatment that is appropriate for you.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

The dentist in Pearland, TX, may use tooth-colored materials to restore your teeth if they have cavities. The options may include composite materials like resin as well as lab-developed porcelain inlays and Onlays and crowns.

Shaping the Enamel

By contouring the tooth enamel which is the outer layer of the tooth your dentist can reshape your teeth. If your teeth are crowded or appear too long or too short the enamel shaping will be used by the dentist to improve their appearance.


Tooth-colored shells that are thin and cemented to the front of your teeth are known as veneers. They are custom made from a ceramic or composite resin and appear like natural teeth. They can be used to close gaps between the teeth and also cover stained, poorly shaped, and crooked teeth.


Braces can help to correct crowded or crooked teeth along with an uneven bite. The thought of having metal braces in your mouth may seem daunting but over the years they have become smaller and less noticeable. Brackets are part of the braces that are attached to every tooth either in the front or the back of the tooth to ensure they are not noticed. Some brackets are tooth-colored helping them to blend in with your teeth. In some cases, especially with adults, the treatment may be offered without braces in the form of clear and removable aligners. These aligners are more discreet than traditional metal braces.


If dramatic changes need to be made to a tooth than what veneers or enamel shaping can provide your dentist can recommend crowns as an option. This treatment may also be recommended if you have any signs of dental disease. The crown can be developed to fit in with your other teeth providing the tooth a fresh start.

How to Begin Your Journey to Make Your Teeth Look Better?

After you decide to make your teeth appear better than they already are the first step would be to visit cosmetic dentistry in Pearland that has offices in nearby areas like Alvin, Rosharon, Manvel, and Fresno. You can discuss the best plan for you during this visit. The dental team at this dental clinic may recommend treatment for any dental disease you may be exhibiting. You need to have a healthy mouth before beginning cosmetic treatment.

The treatments recommended will help you to have natural-looking and attractive teeth. Discuss with your dentist at away about how to make your smile the best in your locality.