Fast Braces FAQ

Fast Braces FAQ

Orthodontic treatment has become much more advanced, leading to many more questions about the best method for straightening teeth. There are many unique ways to align teeth, but one way we offer at Elevation Dental is fast braces. These are worn for less time than other orthodontic treatment methods and result in a beautiful smile for every patient.

How Do Fast Braces Work?

Traditional braces achieve results in an average of two years while fast braces from Elevation Dental can correct orthodontic problems in just six months, depending on how well you stick with your treatment regimen. Since fast braces don’t strive to fix every imperfection in your smile, you can expect improvement and see your confidence in your smile improve in a shorter duration than other methods of straightening teeth.

Are There Any Risks?

You will need to make some adjustments to your oral hygiene routine to prevent your hardware from being damaged or getting broken. Without solid dedication to your oral health, you could be at risk of oral issues like gum disease.

Are Fast Braces Different from What We Think of as “Braces”?

Metal braces use elastic and wires and brackets, which can be very noticeable. Fast braces use wires that match the color of your teeth, and the brackets are clear to make them as discreet as possible. Your braces will be less visible to others and won’t be as reflective when taking pictures or in brighter areas.

Are These Different Than Clear Aligner Products?

Clear aligners are meant to improve the appearance of teeth just like fast braces, but they must be removed for cleaning and eating. Fast braces don’t need to be removed each day to achieve results.

How Do I Know If Fast Braces Are for Me?

Fast braces have been primarily used on patients that want to correct any cosmetic issues with teeth and their smile. This includes misalignment as well as any gaps or spacing issues with teeth. If you have significant alignment issues, your dentist may recommend more than fast braces to improve the appearance and function of your teeth. Adults may be more likely to qualify due to how fast the treatment works and how discreet the appliance is.