How Can Dental Veneers Enhance My Smile?

How Can Dental Veneers Enhance My Smile?

Our teeth go through a lot during the course of our life. Though you brush, floss, and get your teeth cleaned from a dentist, sometimes, it is not enough and the wear and tear does happen. Teeth discoloration or injuries are situations, that you may not be able to avoid. As a result of all this, your smile gets affected and makes you self- conscious.

However, you need not compromise with the condition as cosmetic dentistry in 77584, TX, offers a solution in the form of porcelain veneers.

What are Dental Veneers?

The veneers are thin shells made of porcelain. They are custom-made for each patient on the basis of the color, shape, and size of their natural teeth. Apart from whitening, the porcelain shells also hide the misshaped, broken, and chipped teeth. While some shells are made of composite resin, some dentists prefer them in porcelain as they are better at resisting stains and they accurately mimic the tooth’s natural glossy finish.

How are Veneers Applied?

Applying the porcelain shells takes two visits to the dentist near you. First the dentist will take the impressions of your teeth. Then a thin layer of the existing enamel is removed. It’s an extensive process where each veneer is fixed one at a time, checking their fit and then trimming them, so that they match the natural tooth perfectly. Each tooth is polished and etched and then the shell is bonded to the tooth with fast-drying cement.

Conditions That Veneers Can Repair

They are used for fixing discoloration issues along with hiding chipped, broken, misshaped, and significantly gapped teeth.

The Advantages of Porcelain Veneers

They look exactly like your natural teeth and they don’t need special care and maintenance. Just a regular oral hygiene routine and cleanings with the dentist will keep these shells well maintained. Also, they are stain-resistant.

How Elevation Dental Can Help

The dentist will have a look at your dental condition and let you know if the porcelain shells are the right solution for you and other alternatives for treating your specific condition.