Cosmetic Dentistry

Sometimes, your smile may be in top health, but its appearance may say otherwise. For instance, teeth stains can develop even when your teeth are otherwise healthy, or teeth may grow slightly crooked but not enough to need braces. Or, you might chip a tooth’s edge enough to be noticeable, but not enough to pose an immediate threat to the tooth’s health and function. Cosmetic dentistry services are those that focus specifically on improving your smile’s appearance, and therefore tend to be less extensive than many restorative procedures.

Our Cosmetic Dental Improvements

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At Elevation Dental, our philosophy is that every patient deserves to feel catered-to when they visit our office, and should be confident in the professional dental care they receive. In addition to caring for, repairing, and improving smiles, Dr. Khan’s passion is in helping patients improve their overall quality of life, including their systemic health, through highly-personalized treatment plans. To experience the difference that custom, tailor-made dental care can make, call Elevation Dental in Pearland, TX today at 281-506-7987. We also proudly serve patients who live in Alvin, Manvel, Fresno, Rosharon, Missouri City, and all surrounding communities.