Dental Crowns

Like a cavity, damage to a tooth’s structure only grows worse the longer it is left untreated. Since your teeth cannot repair themselves, chipped edges, cracks, fractures, and breaks must be repaired with an appropriate restorative treatment. Often, a dental crown can be crafted and placed over the tooth to restore it and to protect it from further damage.

To prepare for a crown, Dr. Khan will sculpt the tooth/teeth so that the custom made restoration fits comfortably and provides long term aesthetics and functional use.

What a Dental Crown Can Do

A dental crown is designed to replicate the top portion of your tooth, and is made from durable, realistic-looking materials like porcelain, zirconia, and high noble alloys. When the crown is placed over the tooth, the restoration can protect it from your bite force while restoring its structural damage. Common issues that call for a dental crown can include:

  • A cracked/fractured tooth – a crown can protect the damaged tooth from cracking/fracturing further.
  • A broken tooth – the crown can hold the pieces of your tooth together, or prevent more of the tooth from breaking off.
  • A decayed tooth – after a tooth filling or root canal treatment, a crown can offer further protection for the treated tooth.
  • A discolored or misshapen tooth – by covering the tooth, a lifelike crown can improve its appearance.
  • A missing tooth – when placed on top of a dental implant, a crown can offer a realistic replacement for a lost or extracted tooth.

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