Metal-Free Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth decay is the result of acid damage. The most common source of that acid is from specific bacteria that are found in dental plaque. The more sugary foods you eat, the more nutrition you give these bad bacteria. As the populations of these bacteria grow, they form a very complex plaque layer on the tooth surface where they survive and thrive. When these bacteria are exposed to sugars, they use the sugar for fuel, metabolize it, and excrete it as acid. The more acidic the environment is around the tooth, the quicker the enamel and dentin demineralize and decay. So as these bacteria secrete acid from all the sugar they are being fed, they are pouring acid onto the tooth, and this literally creates the cavity. The treatment for dental decay is to cut away the damaged tooth structure gently under local anesthetic, and restore it with a special bonded tooth color composite restoration.

As one of our more popular restorative treatments, a tooth colored filling restores tooth structure that was damaged from decay. Made from biocompatible composite resin, tooth-colored fillings are not only more natural-looking, they also bond better to your tooth structure for a more effective restoration.

Why We Use Tooth-Colored Fillings

  • Metal fillings are popular because they’ve been around for over a century, and because they are strong enough to withstand intensive bite pressure. Yet, being made from metal, the fillings can also stand out noticeably when you speak and smile. They also contain trace amounts of mercury. As their name suggests, tooth-colored fillings blend in with the teeth they restore so as not to detract from your smile’s appeal.
  • Metal, which changes shape over time, can eventually fail to protect your tooth by leaving it exposed, or by damaging the inflexible tooth structure. Composite resin, however, is comprised of nanotechnology resin polymer, and retains its shape once it has been secured inside of the cavity.
  • Composite resin is the same material used for cosmetic tooth bonding for its natural appearance and ability to adhere to tooth structure. This ability allows tooth-colored fillings to be bonded to the tooth inside of the cavity, creating a strong seal that repels oral bacteria and prevents tooth decay from resurfacing.

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