Whiten Your Teeth for a Sparkling Smile before Christmas

Whiten Your Teeth for a Sparkling Smile before Christmas

A sparkling white tooth is sure to increase your beauty in many folds. If you plan to brighten your smile during Christmas, you can start planning now. Our teeth are not entirely white by nature. Over the years, the teeth acquire stains due to eating and drinking of specific food or beverages. Coffee, tea, alcohol leaves a permanent stain on your teeth. Smoking also stains the teeth.

You do not need to make any problematic changes to whiten your teeth in the beginning. To start with, you can replace your regular toothpaste with a whitening toothpaste. Whitening gels or a whitening mouthwash can also aid in whitening your teeth.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

With age and regular consumption of food and beverages, your teeth lose its natural color. Even one or two shades of whitening is a noticeable difference. With time, plaque and tartar accumulate in the teeth and reduces the white color. Often cavities of teeth, or effect of the antibiotic tetracycline during the tender age, lead to permanent blackening of the teeth. Often ingestion of fluoride leaves spotted marks on teeth.

Apart from that sparkling bright smile, the whitening of teeth is known to boost confidence and self-esteem. Whiter teeth impart a younger look and make you more presentable at social events or job interviews. Yellow teeth are even breeding ground of different bacteria and lead to bad breath.

Teeth Care

Keeping your teeth white and sparkling should be a priority throughout the year. Teeth whitening are especially important during Christmas and other festivals. Maintaining good oral hygiene is the initial step to maintain sparkling teeth. Flossing the teeth at least once every day to remove the tartar or plaque is important.

After you consume any acidic food or drink, it is a good habit to brush at least 30 minutes. Apricots, carrot, pear, cucumber, and cauliflower are proven to reduce the level of oral bacteria and keep teeth brighter naturally.

Teeth whitening is not a permanent affair, and you might need to visit the dentist after definite intervals. The thought might cross your mind that which is an excellent option to choose- the professional care or in-house teeth whitening.

Professional and In-House Whitening Difference

At home, you might use teeth whitening toothpaste and whitening strips. These are helpful to some extent, but you might not get rid of the tough stains that require professional assistance. The teeth whitening strips are leaden with whitening solution and may be applied over the teeth. The most significant advantage of in-house teeth whitening is that you can do it at your convenient time and is cost-effective.

Professional care involves methods that are more advanced. Dental bleaching is known to produce excellent results. The homely whitening materials contain bleaching agents of lower strength. Professionals administer bleaching agents of 15% to 43% concentration against 3% concentration at in-house whitening substances.

The application of mouthpiece trays is possible only when you visit the dentist. A mouthpiece tray is made with an impression of your teeth that are customized to fit your teeth. This facilitates maximum contact of the whitening gel with your teeth, thus provides better results. The customized tray also reduces the chances of contact of bleaching agents with the delicate gums.

Your dentist can also check for allergic effects of certain whitening materials, which is not possible if you tr at home. The yellow teeth respond to whitening gels, but the brownish or dark spots on teeth require professional assistance. Here halogen light finds the application. These unique lights accelerate the whitening procedure and can be administered by trained professionals.

Which Is a Good Option to Choose?

Since teeth are not naturally white, so care and maintenance are essential to provide that extra spark. Teeth whitening at home can be done at a convenient time. Still, you will miss the professional guidance and that additional leap that can be obtained once you visit a professional.

Although the expenditure is higher for professional assistance, you are paying for something good. Moreover, professional teeth whitening lasts longer. Its time that you might stop to think, which is a better option and go for expert assistance.

Including green vegetables and fresh fruits in diet and avoiding acidic beverages and alcohol can reduce the staining of teeth. Maintaining good oral hygiene can aid in whither teeth.

Now that you know the importance of whitening your teeth, it’s time to consult a dentist. We, at Elevation Dental can help you with whitening your teeth. Contact us today for a consultation.